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A Photo Of Brandon Scott

Hi, I'm Brandon

Hi, my name is Brandon and I am a Saskatoon photographer. I was born in raised in Saskatoon, SK. Throughout my life I have been back and forth with photography, getting my first DLSR camera in grade 9 and doing photo shoots with my classmates by the river. I have always had a love for photography, and general design really for the soul reason of being able to see a creative vision come to life. I love being able to capture the real moments in life through photos and being able to tell story's through those images. Right now I am pursing a marketing degree at the University of Saskatchewan and love messing around with 3D, graphic, and web design in my free time.

​I strive to create images that feel real, that feel authentic, that feel like a page in a storybook about your life.

I love to design, to create things. I have always been a striving graphic designer at heart and I believe that creativity flows over into my photography.

Creating a story through any medium is what truly inspires me. I love being able to exist in the moment and see the story that is created around me with people, nature, or anything else.

What Inspires Me

I love designing and have always had a place in my heart for graphic and user interface design.

I love music, and have consistently had over 75.000+ hours on my Spotify wrapped each year. My top artists are always either Kendrick Lamar, or Mac Miller.

I love just living in the moment and just being able to feel still, even if it is just for a second.

My favorite playlist right now >

What I Like

Artist: Tame Impala

Song: Everlong (Foo Fighters)

TV Show: Mr. Robot

Movie: Parasite or Whiplash (I can't decide)

Season: Fall

Animal: My dog Jasper

My Fav Things

A Photo Of A Couple Outside In Saskatoon

Your Adventure Awaits


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